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reporter has stroke

Feb 14,  · Serene Branson, a young and seemingly healthy CBS reporter, appeared to suffer a stroke on live TV when she suddenly started jumbling her words and speaking MIKAELA CONLEY, ABC NEWS MEDICAL UNIT. Feb 18,  · Los Angeles reporter Serene Branson of CBS station KCBS-TV has attracted a lot of attention for her report from the Grammys broadcast last Author: CBS News. Reporter has stroke on air after Grammys? - I searched, didn't see it posted but it may be germans. I saw this clip of a Los Angeles reporter possibly having a str.

Reporter has stroke on air after Grammys? |

During Sunday night's Grammy Awards, Los Angeles television reporter Serene Branson appeared to be having a stroke during a live report. She slurred words and at times spoke gibberish, what physicians describe as classic stroke symptoms, reporter has stroke. Despite the fact that Branson says she's fine, the video of her on-air meltdown has gone viral on YouTube, and has become a tool for at least one Facebook scam, according to security experts at Sophos software.

In reporter has stroke blog Naked Security, Sophos security expert Graham Cluley reports Facebook users have started getting messages, which look like they are from friends, that say something like "OMG, this reporter had a stroke on Live TV check it out," followed by a link.

What happens if you do? You'll get a screen that tells you the video requires a "verified app" to be viewed. To get the app, you will be told, you'll need to click a button to download it.

The reporter has stroke plan is to exploit interest in the Serene Brandon video, by tricking users into approving an application that will be able to access profiles and post messages onto the walls of Facebook accounts.

Though you can't see it, your own Facebook account is reaching reporter has stroke to all your friends, encouraging them to click on the link and view the same video. Cluley says the scam is spreading very quickly across the social networking site. The scammers make money by requiring you to fill out a brief survey before you can watch the footage, reporter has stroke.

If you complete the survey, the scammers earn a fee. If you really want to see the footage, you should watch it directly on YouTube, reporter has stroke. As for Branson, she reportedly did not seek emergency medical treatment as some media had reported. Her employers, CBS 2 in Los Angeles, said she did visit her physician the next day for some medical tests. Join oversubscribers and receive the latest expert advice, consumer news, and recall notices in your inbox.

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reporter has stroke


A doctor who treated Serene Branson, the CBS Los Angeles reporter whose garbled live report from Sunday's Grammy awards had many wondering if she suffered a stroke on the air, said a complex. Feb 15,  · During Sunday night's Grammy Awards, Los Angeles television reporter Serene Branson appeared to be having a stroke during a live report. She slurred words Author: Mark Huffman. Feb 15,  · Did a Reporter Have a Stroke on TV? By Tara Parker-Pope February 15, pm February 15, But let’s be clear -this doctor never examined the reporter and has no basis for his argument other than his experience as a neurologist and a video of a woman he never met.